The term disruption expresses well the impact caused by information technology on the market. In 2008, when ZettaBrasil was created, cloud data storage (software as a service - SAAS) represented exactly this disruption. So much so that the novelty caused fear in companies. At the time, ZettaBrasil was denied most of its budgets for this type of service.

Time has passed and the cloud is now an irreversible reality. While many information technology companies are just starting to offer this resource, ZettaBrasil has already had seven years of experience in the field. Based in Pinhalzinho (SC), the software house has grown from 60 clients to more than 700 contracts in less than ten years - an increase of more than 1000%.

In addition to the search for a state-of-the-art service, Zetta's clients receive differentiated attention. With regard to the cloud, for example, the team provides face-to-face training at companies, with no time limit. No wonder ZettaBrasil closed 2015 with a satisfaction rate of over 90% - and a turnover growth of around 20%. To keep going, the company continues to bet on the formula of innovation: proof of this is the launch of Dr. Snoopy, an integrated online system aimed at managing pet shops and veterinary clinics. 

To ensure expansion, ZettaBrasil has all its internal processes mapped out. The control of methodologies guarantees management efficiency, which is endorsed by the ISO 9001:2008 seal and by the two-time award in the Information Technology Services category of MPE Brasil 2015, repeating the result achieved in 2012. 

With dealers in practically every state in Brazil and its own unit in João Pessoa (Paraíba), the company continues to grow sustainably, with plans to open up new national and international markets.


Customer focus
Commercial integrity
Social responsibility


Developing management systems with added value and clean technology that meet the client's business needs, generating control indicators to increase the client's and team's profitability.

Future Vision

To be recognized for its expertise in the development of management systems in the state of Santa Catarina, guaranteeing the company's sustainable growth.

Quality Policy

- Ensure customer satisfaction by providing continuous improvement and updating with security and confidentiality in data processing;
- Provide complete information for strategic decision-making;
- Ensure the well-being of employees and expand their knowledge;
- Optimize company results

Company culture

ZettaBrasil's culture is centered on 5 pillars:

Customer focus: We treat each customer as if they were unique. We put ourselves in the client's shoes, seeking to optimize processes and prioritize satisfaction.

Confidentiality: We value confidentiality and guarantee the protection of our clients' data.

Commercial integrity: We seek to conduct business that brings benefits to everyone involved, from clients to the company, suppliers and employees.

Commitment: In our company, commitment is treated as a binary number. We focus on commitment to tasks with a view to satisfying clients and partners.

Social Responsibility: All our actions are geared towards society and the environment, promoting reuse and minimal waste disposal.