It doesn't matter how big or small your transport company is. ZettaTMS (Software para Transportadora) fits your needs perfectly. Just log in and start using it. Issue Bills of Lading and Manifests in a practical and easy way.

Complete travel control .

ZettaTMS takes complete control of the journey. With ZettaTMS you have your transport company in your hands. Completely manage journeys, whether they're your own or those of third-party vehicles. Do your drivers take advance payments at stations? Not a problem. MIC, CRT, GLME, Enlastre and everything else you need.

  • Supply control
  • Settlement with driver / advance payments
  • Possibility of attaching documents
  • Movement control
  • Travel status control
  • Third-party travel management

Cargo Manifest - MDF-e

In addition to issuing electronic bills of lading, ZettaTMS also issues freight manifests. Best of all, you can buy the whole system or just this module. Free trial for 15 days. UNLIMITED.