ZettaERP is business management software designed for entrepreneurs who want to better control their businesses. The system is agile and doesn't require a lot of machine resources, as it can be accessed from anywhere via your browser.
ZettaBrasil is a cloud pioneer. Since 2008 we have adopted this practice, always striving for data quality and security. 

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The ZettaERP system does not require a server or backups, which are done automatically.

ZettaERP has the "ACCOUNTANT IN THE COMPANY" concept, where the accounting office can receive a password to access the system to make imports, conference reports and configurations to better manage its client's business.
It issues Electronic Invoices, Electronic Service Invoices, SPED Taxes and Contributions and is fully integrated with PAF ECF or NFC-e and TEF.


* Workshops and Auto Parts;
* Building Materials;
* Shops (Clothing, Art. Sports, Bazaar);
* Supermarkets;
* Small and medium-sized industries;
* Construction companies;
* Agricultural companies;
* Clothing rental;
* Tobacco shops;
* Complete module for managing PET SHOPS (See ZettaPet);
* Industrial Module (See below);
* Transport Module (See ZettaTMS).


Below is a list of more of ZettaERP's features, which also make it possible to:
- Sales price formation;
- Calculation of commission by product, by salesperson, by item or by a rule defined by the company;
- Simplified control of head offices and branches, without the need to import and export data;
- Automatic customer registration by CNPJ registered with the IRS;
- Purchases based on CMM (Average Movement Calculation) or Minimum Stock;
- Chart of Accounts and DRE (Complete and Simplified);
- Import (F.C.I. and D.I.) and easy export;
- Printing Boletos with Registration;
- Free XML import and storage;
- Compatible with cell phones and tablets;
- Stock Audit;
- Agronomic Receipt;
- Pesticide Book;
- Among others.


Streamline your work management to save time and gain productivity

Strategic dashboard

Track statistics on the home screen

Buy what you need

Control the order point by CMM

Issuing invoices

Easy to issue tax documents

Counter Module

Allows access to the Accounting Office

Manage stock

Stock audit reports

Branch control

Simplified Parent and Subsidiary control

SPED and contributions

Issuing and monitoring SPED Fiscal

Online support

Service via chat, Skype or WhatsApp

Integrated system

Compatible with code readers

Access from anywhere

Compatible with all mobile devices


Industrial Module

In addition to the features mentioned above, ZettaERP has an industry-focused module with the following features:

  • Target per employee;
  • Customizable DRE;
  • Technical data sheet for products with low automatic raw material content;
  • Analytical and synthetic chart of accounts with posting via accounting table (simplification for the operator);
  • Budget for new products;
  • Clone to the technical sheet;
  • Production order;
  • Production bulletin;
  • Registration of activities;
  • Cost by cost center;
  • Material Simulator.