Trends and news for the pet sector in 2023

To the same extent that pet owners pet doctors and veterinary clinics become more aware and demanding when it comes to caring for their pets, we are also faced with the emergence of new demands and needs that must be met.

With this in mind, we've listed some of the main trends that will shape the pet sector in 2023:

1. Care and well-being services: The demand for services services for pets, such as daycare, spas, behavioral training and physiotherapy services, will continue to grow.

2. Sustainability: Environmental awareness has led to a great demand for ecological and more sustainable products. This includes everything from toys and accessories made from recycled materials to responsibly produced packaging and food. (And look... who hasn't had a cat that preferred a cardboard box to the expensive toy you bought? Hahaha)

3. Veterinary Telemedicine: Veterinary telemedicine is becoming increasingly relevant, as it enables remote consultations and diagnoses. This movement allows greater access to veterinary care, especially for those owners who live in remote areas or deal with travel difficulties.

4. Personalization and Customer Experience: It's not just today that our pets are considered real 'children' for many owners. That's why brands that offer personalizationsuch as artisanal food, clothing, accessories and services, will have a huge competitive advantage in the market. Stay tuned!

E é claro, que pensando em todos esses detalhes, nossos sistemas caminham assertivamente para proporcionar as melhores soluções e experiências possíveis, quando se fala em qualidade de vida e bem-estar aos bichanos. <3

That's why we're also very happy to announce that ZettaPet will be present at another edition of FEIPET - The Business Fair for Pets, which will be held from June 4 to 6 in Novo Hamburgo, Rio Grande do Sul.

The meeting promotes the PET and VET segments throughout the southern region of the country, with one of the main objectives being to unite the sector in favor of animal health and welfare.

And look... the news doesn't stop there.

Just take a look:

ZettaPet signs exclusive partnership with Scanntech

We are developing a super partnership with Scanntech's 'Promos Club', a company that is making a lot of headway in the PET market.

With this feature, our customers secure many special advantages, such as: greater visibility in the segment, with the aim of attracting potential customers through promotions. More sales by reducing the number of items in stock. And the possibility of refunding the discounts granted, in many cases refunding 100% of the discount, so that the company does not have to bear the costs of the promotions.

And there's always room for improvement.

We now have the possibility of payment via PIX at the POS, compatible with all our systems, and the function Smart Delivery function at your disposal.

It allows you to structure the sale of your products over the internet, with deliveries made directly through the system.

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Zetta CEO presents IT opportunities to Objetivo students

The CEO of ZettaBrasil Sistemas de Gestão, Wilson Cesar Savegnago, took part in a lecture at theObjetivo school last Thursday (11), in which he presented data on the information technology market and the vacancies available for high school students interested in entering the area.

During his presentation, Savegnago highlighted the importance of the IT sector for the Brazilian and world economies, pointing out that the demand for trained professionals in this area will only grow in the coming years. He also spoke about the various areas of activity within the IT sector, such as software development, computer networks, information security, among others. The data presented was collected through a DEATEC-ACATE survey.

Among the data presented, one of the biggest curiosities was the balance of jobs, which could reach a deficit of up to 106,000 IT professionals who will be in demand by 2025.

In addition, the director of ZettaBrasil presented the vacancies available at the company for interns and trainees, emphasizing that the company values the academic training and professional development of its employees. He also spoke about the importance of constantly seeking updating and improvement in the IT area, pointing out that the company offers training and courses for its employees.

At the end of the talk, the students were able to ask questions about the IT area and the career opportunities at ZettaBrasil. For those interested in the vacancies offered by the company, Savegnago left his contact details and encouraged the students to send in their CVs.

The aim of the presentation was to instigate the students, as the school's management emphasizes the importance of bringing in experienced professionals to share their experiences and knowledge with the students.