Stock management

Inventory management is a fundamental process for companies looking to increase their operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. It involves controlling all activities related to the storage, movement and control of goods and products.

Good stock management starts with setting clear goals and objectives. It is important to determine the volume of stock needed to meet market demand, thus establishing minimum and maximum inventory levels. From there, it is possible to define the best practices for acquiring, storing and controlling stock.

Products should be purchased based on demand forecasts and the company's needs. It is important to establish a relationship of trust with suppliers, negotiating prices, deadlines and payment terms. Once the products have been purchased, the receiving process must be controlled and recorded in order to guarantee the integrity and quality of the products.

Storage is one of the key points of stock management. It is important to choose the right place to store products, taking into account the characteristics of each item, security and ease of access. In addition, it is essential to carry out rigorous stock control, recording the entry and exit of products, carrying out regular counts and identifying possible losses and thefts.

Inventory management also involves the movement of products within the company, whether it's to stock stores, production or to fulfill customer orders. It is important to establish efficient handling processes, using the right equipment and training employees to ensure the safety and integrity of the products.

Finally, stock management must be integrated with the company's other processes, such as sales, production and logistics. It is important that the stock management team is in constant communication with the other areas of the company, ensuring that stock is always in line with market demands.

In short, inventory management is a fundamental process for companies looking to increase their operational efficiency and reduce costs. It involves setting clear targets, acquiring products, storing, moving and controlling stock. With good stock management, companies can improve customer satisfaction, reduce losses and increase their competitiveness in the market.

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Web Summit 2022: ZettaPet takes part in the world's biggest innovation and entrepreneurship event in Portugal

For the first time we are bringing our system for pet shops ZettaPet to the largest and most important technology, innovation and entrepreneurship conference in the world: the Web Summit 2022which takes place from November 1st to 4th in Lisbon, Portugal. In addition to several technical visits focused on networking and business opportunities in one of Europe's most vibrant startup-cities, the event will connect Brazilian startups and entrepreneurs with Portugal's entrepreneurial ecosystem, which is among the best in Europe.

The director of ZettaBrasilWilson Savegnago, developer of the Dr. Snoopy system, says that participating in the Web Summit is a unique opportunity to showcase Santa Catarina's technology to the world and kick-start the internationalization of business.

"We'll be in contact with businesspeople from all over the world and more than 70,000 participants from 160 countries, getting to know the best technologies and innovations from around the world. It's a moment of exchange, knowledge and learning that will project us into the future," says Wilson.

With annual growth of 100%, Dr. Snoopy is present throughout Brazil and has more than 10,000 users. O ERP system system simplifies the routine and optimizes the management of pet shops and veterinary clinics by automating all processes, from customer service, logistics, stock control, planning to issuing invoices and commercial and financial.

"Taking our technology to the world is a dream come true and is testament to the innovative and excellent work carried out by our entire team," says Wilson.

System innovations

In addition to being hosted in the cloud, with a user-friendly and intuitive interface, the ERP presents innovations in the processes and sales of companies in the sector. The first of these is an application aimed exclusively at home deliveries - Smart Delivery. Smart Delivery. With it, stores have their own system for selling and controlling deliveries of products and medicines.

"It's a virtual store integrated into the system that allows automatic updating of prices, discounts, stock control and invoices, as well as deliveries to customers' homes. We already have companies that have tripled their sales by using the app, a trend that is here to stay all over the world," says Wilson.

Another new feature is the payment method offered by the system. In addition to the possibility of selling by card and boleto on the website or app, Dr. Snoopy accepts the receipt of bills via PIX, which automates cashiering and reduces risks.

The software also has the Stone machine integrated into the system, giving you access to all your transactions via the financial panel, at no extra cost with TEF, with total financial control, agility in queries and efficiency in closing sales. It also uses a dashboard to monitor the average customer ticket in real time, allowing you to access the data from anywhere, via computer, cell phone or tablet.

"These are digital solutions for processing payments from end to end, in a simple, secure and complete way. We want stores and clinics to optimize their processes and work and, at the same time, make life easier for their customers. That's what our system does."

To find out more about the system visit the website of the software for Petshops and Veterinary Clinicsfor a free trial or get in touch: (49) 3366 1011 | (49) 98813-5595.