The benefits of an efficient ERP system for your business

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems are fundamental tools for the efficient management of companies of all sizes and segments. These systems integrate and automate processes in different areas, providing an integrated, real-time view of all the organization's operations. Let's explore the benefits that a good ERP system can bring to your business.

  1. Centralization and integration of data
    One of the main benefits of an ERP system is the centralization of data. All the company's information is stored in one place, making it easier to access and update information. In addition, integration between the various departments allows for a holistic view of processes and efficient data flow.
  2. Improved processes and operational efficiency
    With a well-implemented ERP system, it is possible to standardize and optimize the company's internal processes. This leads to greater operational efficiency, reducing the time and effort needed to carry out daily tasks. Automated processes minimize errors and rework, resulting in more effective operations.
  3. Decision-making based on data
    Access to accurate, real-time information is essential for making strategic decisions. An ERP system provides consolidated data and detailed reports, allowing managers to gain valuable insights to guide their strategies and actions.
  4. Reducing costs and waste
    By optimizing processes and improving operational efficiency, an ERP system helps to reduce costs and minimize waste. Effective management of resources, stocks and orders avoids excesses and shortages, optimizing working capital and contributing to better financial management.
  5. Improving Customer Service
    An efficient ERP system allows you to better monitor and serve your customers. With up-to-date information on orders, purchase history and preferences, it is possible to offer a more personalized service, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  6. Compliance and transparency
    With regulations and legal requirements constantly evolving, it is crucial to ensure that the company is compliant. An ERP system helps automate compliance and keep accurate records, providing transparency in operations.
  7. Flexibility and scalability
    Businesses are constantly changing, and an ERP system must keep up with this dynamic. Well-designed ERP systems are flexible and scalable, adapting to the needs of the business as it grows and changes.

Investing in an efficient ERP system is an essential step towards optimizing the management of your business. The benefits go beyond operational efficiency, reaching data-based decision-making, resource savings and, consequently, a positive impact on results.

ZettaERP meets your company's specific needs and makes management easier. Giving you much more time to focus on what matters most: the productivity of your business!

Personalized messages direct to your customer's WhatsApp

With the new update to the ZettaPet System for Petshops and Veterinary Clinics, you can program automatic messages directly to your customer's WhatsApp.

In today's hectic world, it's common for people to forget appointments and important dates. For pet owners and pet professionals, staying connected and providing reminders to clients can be a challenging task. However, with the new update to the ZettaPet System for Petshops and Veterinary Clinics, this task has become much easier. It is now possible to schedule automatic WhatsApp messages, ensuring that clients are reminded of scheduled services.

In this article, we'll explore how this functionality is helping to simplify communication between pet owners and companies in the sector.

Ease and convenience:

One of the biggest advantages of the new ZettaPet update is the ease of scheduling WhatsApp messages. Professionals can now schedule automatic reminders for their clients, such as veterinary appointments, baths and groomings, vaccinations, among other services. With just a few clicks, it is possible to set the date and time when the message will be sent, allowing clients to be informed in a timely and convenient manner. This functionality eliminates the risk of forgetfulness and ensures that clients are always aware of appointments scheduled for their pets.

Benefits for Pet Owners

Pet owners are the main beneficiaries of this new ZettaPet update. By receiving messages via WhatsApp, they are reminded of important appointments, such as veterinary consultations, baths, grooming or vaccinations. This reduces the chances of forgetfulness and allows them to organize themselves better, avoiding delays or missing essential services for their pets' health and well-being. In addition, the system also allows messages to be sent in real time informing them that their pet's bath or grooming has been completed. This way, the guardian can plan to pick up or wait for the taxi-dog.

By feeling well cared for and attended to, customers have a more satisfactory experience with the company, increasing their loyalty and propensity to recommend the establishment to friends and family.

Facilitating the Management of your Pet Shop and Veterinary Clinic

ZettaPet's new functionality also simplifies company management. By automating customer reminders, the system reduces the need for manual communication and reduces the risk of human error. Professionals can concentrate on essential tasks, while ZettaPet takes care of the customer communication part. In addition, the scheduling of messages allows companies to customize and adapt the reminders according to their specific needs, thus creating a personalized experience for each client.

With its ongoing commitment to data security, ZettaPet is revolutionizing the way pet businesses communicate with their customers. This functionality offers ease, comfort and convenience, allowing pet professionals to keep clients informed about scheduled services. It also promotes customer engagement and loyalty by establishing a close and personalized relationship. By optimizing time, ZettaPet stands out as an indispensable tool for efficient and effective pet business management.

AI: Advances and Benefits for Animal CareArtificial intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence has proven to be a promising tool in the field of veterinary medicine, bringing significant advances in the diagnosis, treatment and care of animals. With the ability to process large volumes of data and identify complex patterns, AI offers a new approach to improving the health and well-being of animals.

One of the main areas in which AI has been applied in veterinary medicine is diagnostics. With sophisticated algorithms and machine learning techniques, veterinarians can be supported in the process of identifying diseases and health conditions in animals. For example, the analysis of medical images, such as X-rays and CT scans, can be aided by AI systems that help detect anomalies and provide more accurate diagnoses. This saves time and increases the efficiency of veterinary professionals, enabling faster and more assertive treatment.

Another important application of AI is disease prediction and patient monitoring. Based on historical data and information about the animal, AI algorithms can help identify animals at risk of developing certain health conditions. This allows veterinarians to take early preventative measures and adopt a personalized care plan for each patient. In addition, monitoring devices equipped with sensors and AI can keep track of vital animal parameters such as heart rate, temperature and sleep patterns, allowing for early detection of health problems.

AI has also contributed to the field of veterinary surgery. AI-assisted robotic systems offer greater precision and stability during surgical procedures, reducing the risk of complications and speeding up the animal's recovery. In addition, AI can be used to simulate surgeries before they are performed, allowing veterinarians to plan and practice complex techniques, ensuring greater safety and efficiency.

In addition to direct applications in the veterinary clinic, AI has also been used in drug research and development. By analyzing large data sets, AI can identify promising molecules for treating animal diseases, speeding up the process of discovering and developing new veterinary medicines.

However, it is important to note that AI does not replace the experience and knowledge of veterinary professionals. It acts as a complementary tool, assisting in the decision-making process and providing additional support for quality veterinary care.

In short, Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized veterinary medicine, providing significant advances in diagnosis, treatment, preventive care and research into new drugs. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect even more innovations that will benefit the health and well-being of animals.

So stay tuned to our blog and on social media to see first-hand all the updates that are still to come!

See you next time!


Web Summit 2022: ZettaPet takes part in the world's biggest innovation and entrepreneurship event in Portugal

For the first time we are bringing our system for pet shops ZettaPet to the largest and most important technology, innovation and entrepreneurship conference in the world: the Web Summit 2022which takes place from November 1st to 4th in Lisbon, Portugal. In addition to several technical visits focused on networking and business opportunities in one of Europe's most vibrant startup-cities, the event will connect Brazilian startups and entrepreneurs with Portugal's entrepreneurial ecosystem, which is among the best in Europe.

The director of ZettaBrasilWilson Savegnago, developer of the Dr. Snoopy system, says that participating in the Web Summit is a unique opportunity to showcase Santa Catarina's technology to the world and kick-start the internationalization of business.

"We'll be in contact with businesspeople from all over the world and more than 70,000 participants from 160 countries, getting to know the best technologies and innovations from around the world. It's a moment of exchange, knowledge and learning that will project us into the future," says Wilson.

With annual growth of 100%, Dr. Snoopy is present throughout Brazil and has more than 10,000 users. O ERP system system simplifies the routine and optimizes the management of pet shops and veterinary clinics by automating all processes, from customer service, logistics, stock control, planning to issuing invoices and commercial and financial.

"Taking our technology to the world is a dream come true and is testament to the innovative and excellent work carried out by our entire team," says Wilson.

System innovations

In addition to being hosted in the cloud, with a user-friendly and intuitive interface, the ERP presents innovations in the processes and sales of companies in the sector. The first of these is an application aimed exclusively at home deliveries - Smart Delivery. Smart Delivery. With it, stores have their own system for selling and controlling deliveries of products and medicines.

"It's a virtual store integrated into the system that allows automatic updating of prices, discounts, stock control and invoices, as well as deliveries to customers' homes. We already have companies that have tripled their sales by using the app, a trend that is here to stay all over the world," says Wilson.

Another new feature is the payment method offered by the system. In addition to the possibility of selling by card and boleto on the website or app, Dr. Snoopy accepts the receipt of bills via PIX, which automates cashiering and reduces risks.

The software also has the Stone machine integrated into the system, giving you access to all your transactions via the financial panel, at no extra cost with TEF, with total financial control, agility in queries and efficiency in closing sales. It also uses a dashboard to monitor the average customer ticket in real time, allowing you to access the data from anywhere, via computer, cell phone or tablet.

"These are digital solutions for processing payments from end to end, in a simple, secure and complete way. We want stores and clinics to optimize their processes and work and, at the same time, make life easier for their customers. That's what our system does."

To find out more about the system visit the website of the software for Petshops and Veterinary Clinicsfor a free trial or get in touch: (49) 3366 1011 | (49) 98813-5595.

The importance of financial control in your pet shop

Complex and sometimes not easy, the task of managing financial control is not for everyone, especially when it comes to a business. However, although complex, it is a task of immense importance and necessity. According to the IBGE, 6 out of 10 businesses close their doors before they are five years old, and the reason is usually linked to finances.

Knowing that you don't want to be part of that statistic next year, we've put together some points on why this process is so important and what impacts good financial control can have throughout your pet shop's journey. Let's go?

But what is the importance of financial control?

Financial control is nothing more than knowing every penny that goes in and out of your business. It means having full knowledge of your company's financial condition and this can only be achieved through financial reports.

It is through these financial reports that the administrator has a real vision of the situation of his pet shop and is able to make decisions so that in the midst of countless expenses and market fluctuations, his business remains sustainable. Moreover, it is only through data and metrics that new directions and achievements can be mapped out with greater certainty.

Based on this, we've put together 3 special topics to show you some of the benefits of good financial control.

- Company Overview

With financial control in hand, it is possible to have a global view of the company in terms of available or unavailable resources, waste and needs. Problems can also be found, diagnosed and sometimes even avoided more quickly. Which brings us to the next topic...

- Agile decision-making

With organized data, consulting it becomes even more enjoyable. As a result, managers have more baggage and a higher percentage of correct decision making, thus avoiding management that only puts out fires, giving way to proactive management, which anticipates when it comes to taking plans off the drawing board, for example.

- Long-term planning

The data generated today is not only useful for seeing what has happened, but also for planning what is to come. Knowing where we've come from and what we have makes it easier to plan for the long term. Data gives us the opportunity to predict and avoid risks, outline the business's continued growth and have better commercial and administrative guidelines for the company's future.

So, have we managed to convince you that financial control is the basis for the growth and success of your pet shop? Remember: those who prioritize the management of their company's finances are always up to date on the monetary resources that exist and are available at the moment, and also have up-to-date delinquency control, another extremely important topic - even more so in times of pandemic - where whoever collects first, gets paid first.

Through financial control you can ensure that other pillars are well structured, thus generating more profitability and greater growth for your business.

Ready to start controlling your pet shop's finances?

Did it seem too complicated to have all this control and enjoy all these benefits? We have good news: management software for pet shops provides agility and reduces serious errors that can occur in manual control. This gives you more dynamic and reliable control over the financial health of your business.

With automated software, it's much easier to record all your pet shop's information and quickly and intuitively see how the company's financial health is doing.

The ZettaPET ERP system is an excellent tool to help you take care of your pet shop's financial health, with detailed control over stocks, sales and financial management: from cash flow to DRE and the evaluation of your working capital. Best of all, with an automated management system, you gain time to focus on what really matters: serving your customers.

Find out how management software has transformed the routine, service and sales of pet shops and veterinary clinics

One problem has always been very common among veterinarians and pet entrepreneurs throughout Brazil: the huge list of tasks, spreadsheets and functions to manage at the same time. Often manual work that required a lot of manpower as well as time.

Stock control management, for example, if done manually using Excel spreadsheets, takes up more than half of the working time and, because it is more exposed to human error, imposes risks that can jeopardize the survival of the business. Similarly, the control of diaries, appointments and vaccinations requires meticulous work to meet the demands of the company and, especially, the clients.

The solution found by professionals to solve the problem, optimize work, reduce costs and improve service was the use of technology and information. By installing management software exclusively for the sector, the companies automated all their processes and unified all their services in a single integrated system for pet shops and veterinary clinics called ZettaPet. ZettaPet.

The software integrates and automates all the management processes of companies in the sector, from scheduling baths, groomings, vaccinations and appointments to stock control and issuing reports and tax documents. With the information centralized in one place, the manager can closely monitor all the processes and integrate all the data at the moment they need it and with detailed financial reports: number of clients served, how much profit each generates, accounts payable and receivable, which products and services are the most profitable and in which area it is worth investing more.

Complete solution improves results

The solution was key to improving the work at veterinarian Sara Campos da Silva's clinic.

"The system brings together what we know best from other systems. The care record integrates the services of all the clinic's sectors in a very clear and intuitive way, making it possible to view the entire history of a given patient in one place. I'm also very pleased with the management and financial controls provided and the company's support, which is always interested in improving the program," says Sara.

For entrepreneur Guilherme Perrone, from Rede Planeta Pet, the diversity of tools provided by the system has made a difference to his business.

"The system is very complete. It gives you the opportunity to have 100% control of your company: online system; reports on everything, daily sales, customer ranking, average profit margin, mark-up, etc.; control of bathing and grooming, with commissions, pets' and customers' birthdays, number of services performed, month-on-month increase in turnover. There are many advantages.

Veterinarian Ana Silva cites personalized customer service and the optimization of the clinic's work as the software's greatest advantages for her company.

"ZettaPET has not only made my routine as a veterinarian easier, but it has also organized the entire pet shop. As it covers all areas, from vaccine alerts to bath and grooming control, it has improved our overall performance. What's more, with ZettaPET's tools we've been able to keep track of each of our patients, which makes our clients realize the differentiated attention we've been able to give their pet, increasing the Clinic's positive feedback both professionally and economically," she says.

Another professional who gained from the greater organization and agility offered by the system was veterinarian Denise Vogel Cortina Bento. She installed the software as soon as she opened her company and has also taken the system to her new venture. "The software has been fundamental, especially in terms of better organizing our work and the company. It has also allowed us to make changes and further improve the functionalities of our business."

A complete solution that also pleased the partner-owner of Clínica Animália, Matheus Hillard Farret. "The system has helped us a lot in terms of organization, both financial and managerial. We've managed to organize management better and have greater control over cash flow, how much we have in stock, how much is coming in and going out of the company on a daily basis."

Integrated online store

In addition to all the automated management, Felipe Doederlein , of the Lupi Pet Food Retail Network, used the system to create his online store to expand sales. The ZettaPET software itself allows e-commerce integration, which has been fundamental to the expansion of the Lupi Network.

"The system has streamlined everything, from our internal work to sales and logistics. It also warns us when the products in stock are running out, which prevents delivery failures. Today we sell more online than in physical stores. In comparison, the difference is 20% for virtual. With e-commerce, our total sales are growing by 15% a month. There are around 700 deliveries a day within Rio de Janeiro".

How it works

Developed by the Santa Catarina company Zetta BrasilZettaPET is an integrated management system exclusively for Pet Shops and Veterinary Clinics that simplifies routine and optimizes management. All processes are automated, from customer service, logistics, stock control, planning to issuing invoices and reports.

The bonus of management software is integration of various e-commerce platforms which allows you to create a product delivery system. With the tool, it is possible to offer all the products individually in a virtual catalog, with automatic updating of prices, discounts, stock control and invoices. Another differentiator is faster delivery within the establishment's area of operation.

ZettaPET is available in all Brazilian states and has more than 10,000 users. To find out more about the system and contract the software, visit the Petshop System website, take a free trial or contact us by phone or WhatsApp: (49) 3366 1011 | (49) 98813-5595.

ERP management system calculates average ticket in real time and helps pet market boost sales

The current economic instability in Brazil is one of the biggest challenges for company management. It requires a lot of organization, planning and strategy on the part of managers in order to stay in the market and grow in the face of crises. It's challenging because, in addition to the increase in raw material and product prices, it's precisely at these times that consumers tend to cut costs and spend less on superfluous items, as inflation has shrunk their purchasing power.

Where does all this impact on the pet segment?

 Just like any other company, the sector is noticing the greater restriction of its customers and needs to adapt its strategies accordingly. One of them is to reinvent itself in order to attract customers and make them increase their average ticket.

The average ticket is a performance indicator used in analyzing results, which is fundamental in the corporate world. It's through it that you can understand consumer behavior towards your business and monitor your company's financial health. In practice, it is the number that represents the average amount spent by each customer buying your product. The higher this figure, the more money is being spent and the greater your return.

It's a valuable strategy because it's a shorter route than looking for new customers, since the investment to sell to current consumers is much lower.

How to calculate and what are the results?

To calculate your company's average ticket you need two things: firstly, to analyze your sales history at pre-defined intervals and not evaluate isolated sales; and secondly, a management system that automates this process and generates accurate data.

This is where Dr. Snoopy Management System for Pet Shops and Veterinary Clinics helps your company achieve results. The software issues average ticket reports so that you can keep track of what customers are spending in your store and evaluate ways of increasing their spending. This calculation is made by dividing the turnover by the number of orders in the given period analyzed. For example, if your pet had a turnover of R$500,000 in the last 6 months, reaching 1,200 orders, your average ticket for the period is R$416.

Using a dashboard, Dr. Snoopy keeps track of his customers' tickets in real time. This visual panel with information, metrics and indicators can be accessed from anywhere, via computer, cell phone or tablet, and provides complete financial data to help you plan your strategy.

You can calculate a general average ticket, for everything you sell, and also a specific one, for certain products and services, with the range you prefer and which makes the most sense for your business. Our suggestion is that you analyze the data on a monthly basis, creating a history.

With technology, everything is so much simpler, isn't it? While you focus on planning, Dr. Snoopy performs all the tasks to deliver more results!

What is the Dr. Snoopy system?

Developed by the Santa Catarina company Zetta BrasilDr. Snoopy is an integrated ERP management system for Pet Shops and Veterinary Clinics that simplifies routine and optimizes management. All processes are automated, from customer service, logistics, stock control, planning to issuing invoices and commercial and financial reports.

The bonus of management software is integration of various e-commerce platforms which allows you to create a product delivery system. With the tool, it is possible to offer all the products individually in a virtual catalog, with automatic updating of prices, discounts, stock control and invoices. Another differentiator is faster delivery within the establishment's area of operation.

Dr. Snoopy is available in all Brazilian states and has more than 10,000 users. To find out more about the system and hire the software, visit the website, take a free trial or contact us by phone or WhatsApp: (49) 3366 1011 | (49) 98813-5595.

Delivery system conquers and boosts the pet market

Making products available online and delivering them to customers' homes has become a major commercial strategy for pet shops and veterinary clinics across the country. Innovation has kept pace with changes in the way Brazilians consume and has become a major player in the expansion of the sector.

In Rio de Janeiro, businessman Guilherme Perrone saw the moment and bet on innovation. He is the director of Planeta Petan association that brings together 17 stores in five municipalities in Rio and has more than 25,000 customers.

Guilherme's strategy was to invest in a complete management system for the sector which allowed the integration of online stores and home delivery of products. He installed the ZettaPET system in 2017 and began automating all the management processes, as well as selling online and delivering his products to customers. The chain, which had 4 stores at the start of 2021, has now grown to 17.

"Our focus is more on selling and delivering pet products within the municipalities of Rio de Janeiro, Niterói, Nova Iguaçu, Duque de Caxias and Itaguaí, in an associative system that allows for better rates and greater growth. Only 5 stores also offer services such as bathing and grooming and veterinary care. We currently have more than 80 employees," he says.

Guilherme points out that the Dr. Snoopy system has brought many advantages to his businessespecially better control of deliveries and order packing.

"The system has a wide range of tools and is very complete. It gives you the opportunity to have 100% control of your company: online system; reports on everything, daily sales, customer ranking, average profit margin, mark-up, etc.; bath and grooming control, with commissions, pets' and customers' birthdays, number of services performed, month-on-month turnover increase ratio. There are many advantages and the biggest one for us is optimum delivery control, which is our main focus."

The Planeta Pet Network's goal is to end 2023 with 50 member stores.

How it works

Developed by the Santa Catarina company Zetta BrasilZettaPET is an integrated management system exclusively for Pet Shops and Veterinary Clinics that simplifies routine and optimizes management. All processes are automated, from customer service, logistics, stock control, planning to issuing invoices and reports.

The bonus of management software is e-commerce integration which allows you to create a product delivery system. With the tool, it is possible to offer all the products individually in a virtual catalog, with automatic updating of prices, discounts, stock control and invoices. Another advantage is faster delivery within the establishment's area of operation.

Dr. Snoopy is available in all Brazilian states and has more than 10,000 users. To find out more about the system and contract the software, visit the website, take a free trial or contact us: (49) 3366 1011 | (49) 98813-5595.

Pet market on the rise!

Tell us: how many pets do you have at home? Is it a cat, dog, bird, fish, wild or exotic? If it's one or more, you're already part of the world's largest pet industry. The pet market has grown exponentially in recent years and has established itself as one of the world's leading economies. There are 1.6 billion pets on the planet, 141.6 million of them in Brazil, the second largest market behind the United States. The figures almost reach one animal per inhabitant in Brazil.

But what is the reason for all this growth, especially in our country? The changing profile of families, which has had a direct impact on the relationship between humans and pets. Couples are seeking out the company of a pet more, even reducing the number of children and even opting not to have one. Pets have become members of the family and are increasingly living indoors, especially in apartments, due to the verticalization of urban centers. With the pandemic, the search for a pet has grown by more than 30%, according to data from the Pet Brasil Institute.

According to the Brazilian Pet Products Industry Association (Abinpet), Brazil has more than 55 million dogs, 40 million birds, 30 million cats, 20 million ornamental fish and 3 million other animals - from small mammals such as hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs to reptiles and amphibians.

Software for PETSHOP Zetta PET


Of course, all this growth has had an impact on the market for products and services in the sector. Pet owners have increased their care for their pet's health and invested more in food, visits to the vet, daycare centers and professionals in the field.

The category is made up of industries and members of the distribution chain in the food (Pet Food), veterinary medicines (Pet Vet), health and hygiene care (Pet Care) and services (Pet Services) segments. Today, the pet market already accounts for 0.36% of Brazil's GDP (6.4% global share), ahead of the housewares and industrial automation sectors. In 2020 alone, the pet products industry earned R$40.8 billion - especially small and medium-sized pet shops (with up to 19 employees), which account for half of all turnover.

In this growing scenario, the boom in pet stores is keeping pace with the rise in the number of animals. In Brazil, there is a pet shop for every 3,500 inhabitants - 40,000 establishments. In Santa Catarina, there is one pet store for every 3,200 people (2,500 stores and 8 million inhabitants). In the municipality of Pinhalzinho/SC, where we are located, there is a pet shop for every 2,000 residents (10 establishments for 20,000 inhabitants).

In order to keep up with this development, entrepreneurs need to be aware that the market requires accessible, quality services of a high standard that comply with current legislation. They also need to launch products for the new market niches at the right speed - in other words, invest in innovation and technologies to automate services.

If you're an entrepreneur in the pet market or want to work in one of these areas, check out the options below.

Pet care

It covers the provision of animal welfare services and associated products: bathing and grooming, the sale of beauty and hygiene products and accessories (stylish collars, clothes, hats, paw-protective socks, etc.).

Pet shops

They sell food and products - clothes, accessories, feeders, cribs, toys, transport boxes, health pellets, medicines, beauty and cleaning products - as well as services such as bathing and grooming, vaccinations and full veterinary care.

Pet services: trainer and dog walker

Guardians who don't have time to walk their pets find dog walkers a solution to this problem. Those who have difficulty with their pets' behavior, on the other hand, can hire pet trainers. With the growth in the number of pet-friendly places (shopping centers, restaurants, cafés, hotels, inns, bakeries and gyms have adopted this policy), having an animal that knows how to get along well with other people and pets is essential for frequenting these spaces.

Pet sitters and hotels

Having someone to leave their pet with during a trip is one of the recurring concerns among pet owners. To meet this demand, the pet sitter segment is growing, in which a person experienced in dealing with animals acts as a kind of "nanny". So-called "pet hotels" also offer adequate facilities and 24-hour care.

Animal health

It's neither simple nor cheap to open a clinic or practice for the care of animals. Today, establishments for dogs and cats predominate in the market, but there is room for specialists in wild and exotic animals and for offering differentiated services, such as pet health plans. They make services such as annual vaccinations, routine consultations, treatments with specialists (oncologists, dermatologists and ophthalmologists for animals, for example) and elective surgeries (such as castration) more accessible.

Pet food

The natural pet food niche is also on the rise - it's an alternative to industrialized pet food, more in line with the animals' nutritional needs.

Now that you know all about the fast-growing sector in Brazil and around the world, how about creating a plan and investing in one of the segments, using technology and innovation? We can help you with that. Our ZettaPet Pet Shop Management System simplifies your business routine and brings you many advantages.

All stages of management are automated, from customer service, vaccine control, bathing and grooming, stock control, medical records to administrative indicators such as invoicing and planning! You optimize your work and increase productivity and profits.

Want to know more? Take a free test!

What are the advantages of having a pet shop management system?

So if you're thinking of setting up your pet shop, perhaps this resource can help you get ahead of your competitors and dominate the segment with practicality and agility. Want to know how?

In the next few lines, you'll learn about the main advantages offered by a specialized pet shop management system and how you can take advantage of this opportunity starting today!

The advantages of a pet shop management system

There are a few types of pet shop management system available on the market. Each one has specific benefits. To list the main advantages of efficient software, we've chosen ZettaPet as our base. Want to know why?

Greater financial control

When a complete management system is implemented in the pet shop, it becomes easier to have an organized cash flow and, consequently, greater financial control of the business. This is a great solution to the main challenge in pet shop management.

Increased productivity

All the functionalities of effective software can increase business productivity. In the case of ZettaPET, the versatility and security of its resources enable veterinarians and attendants to produce more results.

Optimization of daily activities

In general, a pet shop management system takes into account the planning of all routine work activities. This helps to optimize the daily activities of the team, who will be able to better manage their time and priorities.

Less worry about administration

Any software that adds value to the administration of a business is an innovation come true. This is no different for pet shops. With an organized system, the entrepreneur has less to worry about.

More time to work on marketing

Following on from the previous topic, a pet shop management system allows entrepreneurs to worry less about running their business and, consequently, more time to work on strategies for attracting and retaining customers.

More time for customer relations

One of the great difficulties in achieving more results is ensuring a good relationship with the customer. With software, the team is able to organize itself better and have more time to focus on the relationship with the public.

Possibility of faster and more efficient service

With all patient information stored in one system, service is much more complete, faster and more efficient. This helps the pet shop to be more productive and differentiated. So, do you know what to do to have a successful store?

Count on a complete management system for your pet shop

If you want to start your business in a practical way, it's worth taking advantage of all the benefits of a pet shop management system. If you want complete software, Dr. Snoopy is one of the best options.

With it, you can facilitate the administration, marketing and finances of your pet shop, avoiding mistakes and taking controlled risks. Want to know how to access all the benefits of this tool?

Try ZettaPET for free and find out how a complete management system can help you run your pet shop!